Renter Friendly Pet Bathroom? DIY Pet Potty

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Hi friends! In this week’s video I’m showing you how I made an apartment-friendly pet potty & how you can do it on the cheap too!
This method is much cheaper than most systems on the market & is a much better alternative for your pets & the environment. The sod/grass naturally deteriorates & when you’re ready for a new one, simply roll it up & recycle it! No more throwing out wee-wee/potty pads & your pets get to experience real grass.
We live in an apartment multiple floors up & unfortunately aren’t home 24/7 to take our dogs outside. Instead of having them hold it or leaving them outside until we get home, they can relieve themselves whenever they please.
This DIY is definitely not for everyone but it’s one that we’ve managed to make work for us!

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48″ kennel tray
8 sqft. roll of sod
2’X4′ plywood
4-5 rubber wheel casters
2 with brakes & two without brakes
3/4″ screws
Circular saw to cut excess wood (optional: can be done at store)
Drill/screw driver
Sliding glass doggy door insert (check Craigslist before you buy brand new!)

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