More on Tyler’s Alaska cabin build

Check out some updates on Tyler’s cabin.

Who are the “Mitchells In Alaska?” Retired brothers, Tony & Perry. as well as Perry’s wife Carolyn and their son Tyler and his wife Ginny + 4 dogs and 2 cats.

What are we doing? We are building an off-grid homestead in the Alaskan wilderness that consists of three cabins. We will clear land, saw our own lumber from trees we cut, and build cabins and outbuildings. We have already built a couple of our outhouses and an outdoor shower, etc.

Currently, we’re all sharing one tiny cabin while clearing land and milling logs to build 2 more cabins, gardens etc. It’s an adventure most would not even attempt & most think we are crazy for doing. An experience of a lifetime & the biggest adventure we’ve been on. We’re learning many new things along the way as well as applying the skills we already have.

Come along on this adventure with us & laugh at our goofs. Connect with us on Facebook at
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