Making a Giant Spider! 🕷 DIY Halloween Props

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Jaimie and Jay make a GIANT SPOOKY SPIDER for Halloween with chicken wire, spray foam, and absolute terror.


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Halloween 2021 is almost here!! 🎃 We make lots of DIY Halloween Props for our yard haunt and our newest project is a GIANT SPIDER made from chicken wire and foam! Inspired by so many giant spider films and other amazing DIY props, this Halloween decoration is the perfect addition to any home haunt or haunted house. “Gertie” is an easy prop inspired by something between a Black Widow spider, Aragog, and the Boggart from Harry Potter. It’s easy to build using simple chicken wire, pipe insulation, and expanding foam that you can find at any hardware store.

The great thing about this project is that you can adapt these techniques to make lots of different diy halloween props and decor. Using chicken wire as a base shape and then covering it in foam is a great foundation for making tons of different kinds of DIY props.

If you’d like to make your very own DIY halloween Giant Spider, we encourage you to give this easy Halloween project a try!

Chicken Wire –
Plastic Wrap –
Expanding Spray Foam –
3mm Wire –
Pipe Insulation Foam (Three Sizes, Check Local Stores)
Drylock Masonry Sealer –
Clear Christmas Ornaments –
Contact Cement –
Gorilla glue –
Duct Tape –
Blue Tape –
Acrylic Paint
Black Spray Paint

Surform Tool –
Xacto Knife –
Wire Snips –
Chip Brushes –
Hacksaw –
Pliers –
Scissors –

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We’re Jaimie and Jay! We’re a husband and wife team and we make stuff together. Halloween and other awesome props, woodworking, electronics, and whatever we want.

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