How to: Spray Automotive Paint in your Garage with Professional Results Complete Guide!

In previous videos I showed how to prepare a used bumper and hatch door for paint:
Metal Hatch Door –
Plastic Bumper –

Today I’m going to spray them with urethane basecoat color & 2k clear, using a paint gun and compressor, right here in my garage.

First, I’ll cover steps to transform my garage into a makeshift paint booth.
Then, show how to mix the paint & spray it, same for the clear coat, and then clean up after.
Next, we’ll jump forward a couple months after painting, to look at the parts installed and a couple minor mistakes I made, because we can all learn from those.
We’ll also see how much money I saved doing this repair myself.
This will be a long how-to video, but it’s full of tips I’ve learned over the years!

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