How to make a DIY sheet metal brake | I Like To Make Stuff

Need to bend sheet metal? It’s really easy to build a simple DIY metal brake!!


(There are LOTS out there)

A few weeks back, I was working on a project that required bending some thin sheet metal and was having some trouble. While on a Google hangout with my Patreon supporters, my friend Evan mentioned making a sheet metal brake. I started looking into it and found lots of DIY versions online. There were all different types requiring different tools and providing different results. I mashed up techniques from several of them and made one in an afternoon!This is a 4 ft version that clamps down to an existing table when in use. When I’m finished with it, I can easily hide it away in seconds. This is great for folding aluminum, steel and more. There are lots of different ways to make these tools, some of which don’t even require welding! Check it out!

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How to make a DIY sheet metal brake | I Like To Make Stuff

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