[Easy Beauty Challenge 衣之Challenge] DIY T-shirt: Creative Challenge! 自己的Tee自己设计 创意大挑战!| EP 7/8

In this episode, instead of picking and matching clothes, two hosts designed their own unique T-shirt and tote bag! They will participate in the process of design, painting and printing to create the T-shirt and tote bag. Can the T-shirt and tote bag they designed attract the audiences to vote for them?

今集《衣之challenge》不玩衣服配搭,转而要两位主持亲手设计自己独一无二的T-shirt和tote bag!主持将参与设计、绘画和印制的过程,穿上由自己亲手制作的衣服,究竟是怎样的感觉呢?她们设计的T-shirt和tote bag又能否吸引观众投她们一票呢?

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DIY Beauty