DIY Pallet Chairs Stools and tables – Projects with Sandwiches

Making some simple and very solid chairs and tables using pallet wood. You can use up a lot of your offcuts and use the pallets that have planks too short for things like mud kitchen or bars.

A good jigsaw project, doing multiple curved cuts on the line is great for developing your hand eye co-ordination and muscle memory, the more practiced you get handling the tools translates into more overall wood confidence in tackling other project.
Some tips on the Jigsaw, sharp blades, they dont have to necessarily be a top make but if they get blunt, burnt or bent then replace them as theyll . Most of the issues I get with this tool is down to the blades.
This ones the Worx Axis which gives a decent accurate cut and has a strong motor in it. Also flips out into a reciprocating saw for branches etc. I havent tested it with a demolition blade yet though for pallet dismantling. Maybe someone could recommend a decent blade for that. This jigsaw is in pretty much daily use and my two other corded jigsaws rarely get used now except when I want to go an angled mortice slotted cut and thats not often.
Worx WX550 Axis

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