DIY – Building My Cat an Outdoor House !! CATIO -Patio for Cat-

It seems they want to go out and enjoy the sun.
So i made CATIO.patio for cat.
They enjoy sunbathing.

0:00 OP
0:40 Building
9:00 Unveiling CATIO
12:22 ATTACK OF THE T-1000

materials list

■grid panels
i bougut Grid Panels in DIY store in Japan “CAINZ”
30*60cm(12*24in) : 200JPY(1.9USD)
30*90cm(12*35in) : 350JPY(3.3USD)

but it seems grid panel is much more expensive in USA.
LOWE’s: i can’t find it.
MENARDS:i can’t find it.

we can find grid panel in 1 doller shop in japan “DAISO”
but they have only White color and Brown coler.not Black.
there are 21 DAISO shop in USA:
so if you live near there,pls call them in stock or not.
DAISO sell grid panel as “Wire net”

grid panel made by steel and polyethylene coating.
so its strong for rain.
if it’s not coating,not good for outside.

■Floor (wooden)
but it’s not exactly the same design.
i bought below.

■Floor (green)
i bought 1 doller shop in japan.
IKEA also has same size.
i choose grass which has 2 color.
it has not only green.
main color is green. but there is also yellow brown color’s grass.
it looks much more i choose it.

■ZIP ties
ZIP ties must be FOR OUTSIDE.
Otherwise it’s easy to be decay for few month.

Total   256USD(27,000JPY)
・Grid panels 153USD(16,450JPY)
・Grass 15USD(1,600JPY)
・ZIP ties 3USD(300JPY)
・Wood 7USD(800JPY)
・T-1000 figure 5USD(500JPY)

Q1: why dont you use Cat Netting?
A : i cant put net here.this is our main Balcony and we used to hang out laundry and blanket
like this.

Q2:why dont you let cats out ?
A : there are a lot of cars near my house.and 2 times i saw dead stray cats that was hit by i dont want cats go out.

Q3:how about to put a bird feeder?
A :if it’s located on backyard i want to do that.
but i can not make it coz this place i hang laundry.
birds used to make clothes dirty….
this is one of the reason i make catio in balcony.
i hire cats as security!!
they work very hard and no bird coming here now.

Q4 : tails
Koyu♀age13  long tail
Mugi♂age8(black white) Kinked Tail :when i find him was 2 month on the road ,its already Kinked that time doctor didnt say anything so he was born Kinked Tail.its not uncommon in can find stray cat has Kinked Tail a lot.
Hama♀age5(small) Bobtail

Q5:how to clean it?What will you do to access inside when there is an “accident”?
A : i connect just zip ties so if something happen,i can just cut it.i prepare nippers next door to cut it.

Q5:why your wooden room floor stained with white paint?
A : no worries! i didnt care about my room floor dirty.coz i was planning to make floor new and did it.
this video i change floor new.


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