24 Room Decor DIYs | Pinterest inspired diy room decor ideas

DIY room decor is legit my favorite because it means I can create something beautiful, unique and affordable, all at the same time! In this video I’m showing you 24 home decor DIYs that I have around my apartment. From DIY coffee tables, to DIY wall art, or even DIY statement pieces, I’ve got it all!

I genuinely love you guys for watching and supporting my YouTube adventure. I made this channel to share hacks and DIYs that I’ve discovered so other people could benefit too. I hope you like this video and if you’re looking for some DIY room decor inspo, I hope you find at least a little by watching this video!

If you’re reading this, let me know which DIY was your fav!

DIYS Mentioned In This Video:
1. Wood stool
2. Wood backdrop
3. Hanging terrarium
4. Gold arch mirror – https://youtu.be/kSP_nJ00B9g
5. Greenery wall
6. Hanging bag – https://youtu.be/5FJsp7kdkIE
7. Macrame
8. Card box
9. Gold framed tile
10. Gold balloon dog – https://youtu.be/bSf_Z7ZFHJc
11 Dried roses
12. Gold cement clock
13. Greenery chandelier
14. Zip tie ceiling light
15. Gold big mirror
16. Renter Friendly Wall Panels – https://youtu.be/S3EWuw-L4-w
17. Spike orbs
18. Framed pics – bathroom & living room – www.unsplash.com
19. Kitchen table
20. Resin island table
21. Live edge wood table – https://youtu.be/Nry8miw6Zek
22. Ikea Stool – https://youtu.be/bbkGzmsUp00
23. Fur pillows
24. Spray painted stuff

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